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"Perfecting the Art of the California Stop" 
poems by 
c.w. thayer
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The Other Side of the Pillow
by C.W. Thayer & Friends
Featuring a "who's who" of amazing guest musicians: ​Derek Smith, Gordon Campbell,  Benny Cortez, Adam Elmore,  Jeff Ellwood, Matt Springer,  Yasha Philips, Frank Wilson,  Marques Crews, Maurice Oliva, Chad Patrick, Matt Coleman, Spiridon Nicolopoulos, Kelly McGuire, James Donaldson, Barbara Paul, Joe Bull, Kevin Swan, Mia Mercado, Caleb Roseberry, Laura Vermillion, 
Jason Weber, John Mila de la Roca, and Phoebe Thayer.
15 original tracks, including fan faves
"Granola Girl," "Constant," "Lottery," 
and "Coffee."

AND if you pre-order now, you will be sent a digital download of all 10 unreleased solo versions of "Safety In Numbers,"
performed by Gordon Campbell, Benny Cortez, Matt Springer, Matt Coleman, Kelly McGuire, James Donaldson, Barbara Paul, Mia Mercado, 
Caleb Roseberry and Laura Vermillion. 

Presale orders will help fund the mastering and production of the disc.
$10 for digital download only
$15 for CD and digital download
(plus shipping)
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